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Trash Bulk Pickup

  1. Free bulk pickup is available once every 60 days for our residents. Collection of these items will be scheduled on your corresponding trash day. The deadline for requesting Bulk Pickup is Thursday by NOON each week. Brush, limbs, boxes & wood must not be more than 5ft long & in no more than 50lb. bundles, tied with rope/twine on each end. All items are limited to no more than a standard truck load. All items for bulk pickup must be placed on the curb by 7 a.m. on your corresponding trash day. Please keep in mind, hazardous materials are not permitted for this service, including items containing Freon.**PLEASE BE AWARE** Computers including monitors, box style televisions will NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED** We currently do not offer Bulk pick up for commercial customers. See below to list items for collection. **Please note: When the submittal deadline falls on a holiday, the submittal deadline will be moved to the BUSINESS DAY BEFORE at noon.** Bulk Pick Up Submittals are scheduled for the following week, the Utility Office will NOT hold submittals for a future date.
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