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Vacation Check Request


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    1. The House Watch Program is designed to provide homeowners a means of having their residence checked by a police officer when they are away from their home on a vacation or other extended period of time. In order to sign-up for the program please call, drop by the Police Department, or complete the on-line from. The program is intended to be a deterrent to illegal entry of the residence. It is a good crime prevention tool. The Police Department cannot place homes which are vacant or are subject to be shown by a real estate agent on House Watch. In order to qualify for House Watch the home owner must be away from his/her residence for more than three(3) days and must not have anyone staying at the home while away. Homes can be placed on House Watch for a maximum of three(3) weeks. Online registration must be sent at least three days before departure. Information submitted through the on-line form is hosted in a secure environment. Complete the form below and the police department will periodically check on your property while you are away.