City of Cibolo Fee Schedule

City of Cibolo Fee Schedule (revised)

On April 11, 2018, City Council established the official Fee Schedule for the City by ordinance.  This fee schedule is inclusive of all department's fees for certain licenses, permits, and other services provided by the City of Cibolo. Please note this fee schedule does not include fines typically associated with public safety, court, utilities, code enforcement, etc. These fees may be revised periodically by Council resolution.  The latest resolution was approved on September 25th and public notice was posted twice in the Seguin Gazette and as of October 1, 2018, all amended, revised or newly adopted fees found in this schedule are in effect, unless noted otherwise.  The latest ordinance that was approved was Ordinance Number 1268 on June 11, 2019. 


The following department's fees are referenced within the Fee Schedule:

  • City Secretary
    • Beer Licenses
    • Liquor Permits
    • Public Information Requests
  • Planning and Engineering
    • Building Inspections and Permits
    • Planning and Zoning
  • Police Department
  • Fire Department
  • Animal Control
  • Drainage and Utilities
  • Park Fees

For more information regarding Fee Ordinance 1232 or 1268, the specific department's contact information is accessible via the staff directory