New Commercial Development (How-to)

Utility Providers

City of Cibolo Utilities - 210-658-9900
Green Valley Special Utilities District (GVSUD) - 830-914-2330
Guadalupe Valley Electric Coop (GVEC) - 800-223-4832
Utility Locates - Call "811"
Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority (CCMA) - 210-658-6241
Republic Services - Waste Collection Services

Please contact Maggie Patterson, Utility Billing Manager, by Email or 210-658-9900, ext. 3131 for information concerning Waste Collection Services.

Request for Address

  • Application (PDF)
    • Provide site map, survey, building plan, and/or similar along with directions to the location
    • The address will be determined based on where the building and/or driveway makes contact with a public or private road. It is important that the driveway be marked if it does not already exist.
    • Provide the Guadalupe County Appraisal account number so that the parcel can be located.
    • If the land has just been purchased, provide previous owner’s name,
    • Contact the GIS Department, William Arellano, for any additional information at

Pre-Application Conference

A Pre-Application Conference is required prior to a formal application for approval of a required site plan and/or building permit submittal.  The Owner, Engineer and Architect are required to attend this meeting to become familiar with the City’s development regulations and processes. The Developer may be represented by a Landowner, Engineer, Surveyor or any other qualified professional. 

New Commercial Development (Site Plan)

With Plat & Zoning Approval (Verify with Planning Staff)

New Commercial (Site Development Permit)

Site / Civil Development

Building Permit Requirements

  • New Commercial / Industrial Permit Application (PDF)
  • Contact City Staff for building plan submittal requirements
  • Ambulatory Health Care Facility - Statement of Disclosure (Medical Facilities only)
  • Commercial Energy Compliance Checklist (ComCheck)
    • Envelope
    • Exterior Lighting
    • Interior Lighting
    • Mechanical
  • TDLR Architectural Barriers (A/B) Project Registration Number (projects over $50,000.00)
  • Fire Protection Review
  • Plan of Record (once project is completed)
  • GIS Shapefiles -  (once project is completed)
    • Submit final plans in Shapefile format projected to NAD 1983 State Plane Texas South Central FIPS 4204 feet.  Information may be sent on a CD / DVD or email ( as a zipped folder.  If a Shapefile cannot be created, a .DWG (AutoCAD) file maybe accepted, but it must be properly projected to the aforementioned coordinate system and must contain basic information on infrastructure.
      • Specific items needed:
        • Building footprint(s)
        • Final location of all utilities along with each element’s specifications (e.g. size, type, inverts, material, slope, etc.)

Plan Review  

  • Building Codes / Amendments
  • Building Review
    Plan Review Turnaround Times
    Project TypeInitial ReviewRe-Review
    New Single Family Residential10 Business Days5 Business Days
    Residential Remodel/Improvements10 Business Days5 Business Days
    Apartments/Multi Family20 Business Days10 Business Days
    Fire Code Review15 Business Days5 Business Days
    Commercial Review < $15M15 Business Days5 Business Days
    Commercial Review > $15M20 Business Days10 Business Days 
  • Fire Protection Review - Fire Protection Consulting Group (FPCG)
    • Plan Review Request Procedures
    • Contact Information:
      Fire Protection Consulting Group
      339 Sandalwood Lane
      San Antonio, TX  78216
      Phone:  210-858-2389

    • Fire Protection Reviews include, but may not be limited to:
      • Fire Alarm
      • Fire Protection - Life Safety (as part of the Commercial building permit process)
      • Fire Sprinkler / Suppression
    • Fire Review Fees will be calculated by and paid directly to FPCG
    • Upon completion of the Fire Alarm,  Fire Sprinkler / Suppression FPCG review, please provide the below information to the City for permitting;
      • Appropriate application - see applications below under Other Possible Fees
      • Copy of FPCG review letter
      • FPCG reviewed & stamped plans
        • Fire Alarm - 1 set
        • Fire Sprinkler / Suppression - 1 set
      • No fee permits will be issued from the City for:
        • Fire Alarm
        • Fire Sprinkler / Suppression
      • Fire Line reviews will be completed by City Staff. For application, see below under Other Possible Fees.  4 sets of plans will be required for review.

Building Permit Fees

Impact Fees at Building Permit - Ordinance Number 1067 (Please contact City staff for calculations)

  • Drainage - Section 3.3.3 Drainage
  • Transportation - Section 3.3.4 Transportation
  • Wastewater - Section 3.3.2 Wastewater
  • Water - Section 3.3.1 Water

Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority Fee (CCMA)

  • CCMA provides to City plus $15 Administrative Fee

City Water Fees - See Fee Schedule

  • Water Meter - based on number and size of meter(s)
  • Water Deposit - based on number and size of meter(s)
  • Water Meter Install Fee - based on number and size of meter(s)

Other Possible Fees -