Goal One: Diversify the Economy

  • Strategy 1: Develop a Business/Industrial Park
  • Strategy 2: Support Retail Development
  • Strategy 3: Support Existing Businesses
  • Strategy 4: Support Entrepreneurs

Goal Two: Establish & Improve Image

  • Strategy 1: Strengthen Cibolo's leadership base
  • Strategy 2: Continually improve the development review process
  • Strategy 3: Market to individuals and organizations as a means for promoting the area as a destination for talent and business

 Goal Three: Enhance & Promote Quality of Place

  • Strategy 1: Promote recreational, entertainment and cultural activities
  • Strategy 2: Support the development of a Town Center that compliments Main Street businesses

Goal Four: Create Economic Development Tools

  • Strategy 1: Secure Funding for economic development
  • Strategy 2: Increase Cibolo's capacity for implementing this plan
  • Strategy 3: Develop an incentive program