Planning & Engineering

Mission Statement

The mission of the Planning and Engineering Department is to assist the citizens of City of Cibolo in planning for the use and development of land and buildings while protecting public health and safety, sustaining a vibrant economy, promoting the conservation of natural resources, and protecting the environment. We will accomplish this mission by:

  • Providing accurate, courteous, timely and cost effective planning and building services
  • Administering plans, codes, and policies in a fair, consistent, and responsive manner
  • Respecting and serving the community in a manner that involves the interests of all citizens
  • Balancing environmental, economic and social concerns

Department Responsibilities

Building Permits & Inspections

The Building Department ensures the protection of health, safety and welfare of citizens through the enforcement of building codes, local ordinances and state laws.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is the inspection and enforcement of environmental hazards to protect the public health safety and welfare.

Planning & Zoning 

The primary purpose of the Planning and Zoning Department is to keep with the spirit of Historic Cibolo, while guiding smart growth and development within our comprehensive plan and City Ordinances.

Infrastructure Services

The Infrastructure Services has the responsibility of conducting infrastructure inspections of all development within the City of Cibolo. These inspections are to ensure that the quality of work meets or exceeds local, federal, state/regional codes and ordinances while upholding City policy and procedure.

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