Patrol Division


The Patrol Division is the "heartbeat" of the Cibolo Police Department. It is their responsibility to provide prompt, effective, and courteous service and protection to the life and property of the citizens and visitors of Cibolo, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Through the application of a Community Oriented Policing concept, Cibolo patrol officers respond to calls for service, conduct preventive patrol within the neighborhood and business districts, seek out problem traffic areas, and enforce Texas state laws and local ordinances.

Within the patrol division, there are four shifts dedicated to taking calls for service, patrolling neighborhoods, and traffic enforcement. 

Patrol shifts are 12 hours in duration split between night shift and day shift. Every six months shifts switch from days to nights and nights to days. Working 12 hour shifts patrol officers work either Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday or Wednesday and Thursday - every other week - for 80 hours in two weeks. 

Patrol Division Supervisory Personnel

Position Name Phone Email
Patrol Commander LT. Brian Nipper (210) 858-3236
A Shift Supervisor Sergeant Matt Schima (210) 858-3225
B Shift Supervisor Sergeant Jan Wilkiewicz (210) 858-3212
C Shift Supervisor Sergeant Steven Schauer (210) 858-3216
D Shift Supervisor Sergeant Homer Balderas (210) 858-3229
SRO Supervisor Sergeant Ram Hernandez (210) 858-3222

Patrol Officers

Name Email
Apgar, Josh
Dahlstein, Natalie (SRO)
De Los Santos, Eli
Esplana, Reynaldo
Fore, Jason
Garcia, Cerrone
Hernandez, Tomas
Hinze, Lee
Kelley, Kristianna
Kershaw, Richard
Leos, Angel (K9)
Losoya, Brandon
McComas, Joseph (SRO)
McDaniel, Richard (Traffic)
McIntier, James
Milligan, Christopher
Neal, Sterling
Olivarez, Andrew
Puentes, Gerardo
Saiz, David