Requirements for Juveniles Ages 10-16

Appearance Requirements

You and your parent or legal guardian must appear in open court. You are not allowed to appear by mail or delivery of a plea or fine to the clerk's office. The clerk's office will mail a notice your parent or legal guardian advising them that you have been cited and that an appearance is required on a specific date and time.

Continuing Obligation to Appear

  • You and your parent or legal guardian have a duty to continue appearing in court even after you reach age 17.
  • If you fail to appear before reaching age 17, you can be arrested and brought before the court.
  • If you fail to appear after your 17th birthday and after notification by this court, you can be charged with an additional offense of violation of obligation to appear and be arrested in the same manner as an adult.

Continuing Obligation to Notify Court of Address Change

  • You and your parent or legal guardian have an obligation to inform the court in writing each time you change your address.
  • You must notify the court within seven days of each change of address.
  • This obligation continues until your case is fully resolved and all fines and cost are paid or discharged. This obligation does not end when you turn age 17.
  • Failure to make a proper notification may cause you and your parent or guardian to be charged with an additional criminal violation and to be arrested.

Failure to Pay Fine & Turning Age 17

Even when you turn age 17, you are still obligated to discharge your responsibility to the court by paying your fine. If you do not, at age 17, the court may issue a Capias Pro Fine Warrant for your arrest.

You may then be committed to jail until you have earned enough jail credit to satisfy the fines and cost owed.